After the fire is extinguished you are left with a huge mess of water, smoke and soot combined. If this is not removed and cleaned immediately your property will suffer even bigger damage than from the fire. Smoke and soot are particularly nasty and hard to remove. They go into every crack and produce an unpleasant odor that will stay in the air even for months.

Luckily, ABR Emergency Restoration has all necessary chemicals and equipment to remove all that remains after the fire. Our mitigation experts will carefully remove your furniture and items and take them to the restoration process if it is possible, then we will mitigate excess water so we can prepare for smoke and soot removal. With our methods and techniques, we will easily get rid of any nasty odor that might be lingering in your house.

Potential health hazards
We never advise our clients to go into their damaged property without our supervision because smoke and soot can cause some serious health problems if you are not wearing protective masks and gear. Smoke is bad for your lungs, we all know that, but what some people don’t know is that smoke can cause asthma attacks, allergic reactions, and other respiratory problems.

ABR Emergency Restoration workers have all necessary equipment that will keep them safe in such environments, but you probably don’t. There is no reason to risk your health, just leave everything to us and we will take care of it. You can take a much-deserved break and we guarantee that you will be back in your home before you knew it.

Smoke removal process
Smoke and soot are removed in three steps. We carefully complete each step before proceeding to the next one just be sure that everything is taken care of.

1. Firstly, we must remove all your furniture and other items from the property. You can choose to restore damaged items or to replace them with new ones. Both options are viable, but we always suggest to our clients to restore them because it is a much cheaper way and if the restoration process is done by professionals you won’t be able to tell any difference.

2. The second step is to clean every surface. Special chemicals and scrubbers are used in this procedure, but don’t worry, everything is perfectly safe for the surroundings. Our workers know how to reach even the smallest of spaces, so we won’t miss any spot.

3. Lastly, we will deodorize your property with odor negating chemicals. This will kill off any unpleasant smells and make rooms fit for living again. After these three steps are finished the restoration process can begin. ABR Emergency Restoration offers this service, of course. If you have any more questions we have a detail page for restoration process itself, so please check it out.