Mold usually appears after your home or office has suffered some kind of water damage. It can also form because of the leaky roof, damaged floor or even a malfunctioning ventilation system. Mold spreads quickly and if you spot even the smallest amount on your walls, floors or ceiling, immediately call mold remediation experts.

ABR Emergency Restoration specializes in mold removal and remediation. This is not an easy task by any means and it requires special machines and tools if you want to do it properly. Mold is persistent and if you don’t remove it at its source it will come back in the future. Call our number (469) 617-2270 as soon as you see it forming. First 48 hours are critical because if you let it spread, mold can cause health problems and also compromise the structural integrity of your home or office.

Health risks
A lot of people tolerate small spots of mold on their walls, but what they don’t realize is that the mold can cause serious health problems. It mainly attacks the respiratory system and causes you to have asthma attacks, allergic reactions, and other irritations.

Children and babies are affected by mold even more. So if you have one in your house, get rid of any mold as quickly as you can. Otherwise, you are risking contracting serious long-lasting health problems.

Mold removal process
The mold is removed by the use of special tools and equipment. The whole process is divided into four steps and by the time we are done with all of them, there will be no trace of mold on your property.

Step 1: Evaluation and assessment
Step 2: Isolating the mold
Step 3: Drying and dehumidifying
Step 4: Removal and cleanup

It is especially important to dry out the affected room because mold thrives in humid and wet areas. We use special machines for this task that let us quickly dehumidify even huge spaces like storage warehouses, basements, etc. After we are sure that no wet spot is left we can continue with the cleanup process.