Water damage is one of the most devastating things that can happen to your home or office. Water goes in every corner of your property and if not removed immediately it can do irreparable damage. On top of that depending on what the source of the flood was, you might be dealing with contaminated water that is hazardous for your health. ABR Emergency Restoration specializes in all types of water damage restorations. From mold remediation to sewage cleanup, we will return your home or offices to the pre-flood condition.

Why you should hire ABR Emergency Restoration
• When it comes to water damage the timing is everything. Every minute counts and with every hour that passes the damage and the cost of repairs will only increase. That is why ABR Emergency Restoration has one team that is always ready for action. Our lines are open 24/7 every day in a week and throughout the whole year, including holidays. A team of technicians and workers will arrive at your location in under 30 minutes regardless of where you are in Colin County.

• Our workers are experts in this sort of restorations. They have vast knowledge and experience in this type of work so they won’t have any trouble handling whatever you have for us. We have equipment that helps us efficiently remove any excess water and dry out your whole property. If you hire us the damage to your property will be minimal, just don’t forget to call us immediately.

• What made us the leaders in our industry is our superior equipment. We utilize the latest tools and machines for extracting flood water from your property and we also have special machines that will dry out even the hardest to reach surfaces. Not only that, but we also use special techniques and methods for restoration of your furniture and other affected items. ABR Emergency Restoration motto is to always try restoring items rather than replacing them.

Dos and don’ts after flooding disaster
There is not much you can do after this type of disaster has hit your home. Because a lot of hazards are present in post-flood properties, we don’t recommend our clients to enter them without a professional supervision. But here are some things you can do after the flood has passed and still be safe.

1. You can mop your floor and remove any excess water that is visible
2. Remove items like lamps, TV, etc. and place them in a dry and safe place
3. If your house or office still has power turn on the AC and set it on drying mode
4. Take out valuable items to avoid any further damage

These things you should avoid doing at any cost
1. Don’t try to take out excess water by using your regular vacuum
2. Don’t plug in electrical appliances like TV, toaster, computer, etc.