Every building, home, and office should have a fire sprinkler system installed in them. These systems are a number one solution for potential fire disasters. Not only will they stop the fire from spreading, but if properly installed and maintained, they can extinguish even the biggest fires. Our company, ABR Emergency Restoration, has a lot of experience when it comes to installing, maintaining, repairing and servicing any type of fire sprinkler system.

Every building layout is different and requires a unique fire sprinkler setup. Our technicians are fully aware of this and they will use our proven methods and techniques to carefully assess what type of system you need and how many sprinkler heads is enough to cover every bit of space. If this is not done right there is a chance of creating a blind spot where sprinklers can’t reach and from there fire can spread to the rest of your property. But don’t worry, ABR Emergency Restoration has all necessary equipment and knowledge to properly install the fire sprinkler system.

Fire sprinkler services:
• Fire sprinkler restoration

When it comes to fire sprinkler restoration jobs it all depends on how much damage it has suffered and how old is the setup. We will always try to restore the system to its previous condition, but keep in mind that some of these systems date as far as to 1950s and in this case, it is better to completely replace them. We offer a wide range of fire sprinkler systems that use latest technologies to fight fires. If the restoration job is possible, then we will change every valve, patch any broken pipes and make sure everything is running so you are protected from future fire accidents.

• Fire sprinkler installation
Fire sprinkler installation is a completely different type of job and it requires a lot of planning and designing. As we previously said all buildings are unique and need a custom made sprinkler layouts to properly cover every room and spot. ABR Emergency Restoration has highly trained technicians that are experts in this field. Regardless of how many sprinkler heads you need and how big your property is, our team will make sure that your home or office is fully protected against fire accidents.

• Fire sprinkler maintenance
Lastly, ABR Emergency Restoration offers maintenance of previously installed fire sprinkler systems. Annual maintenance of these types of systems is very important. There is a lot of moving parts that can break, rust, loosen, etc. We will check all of them for you and make sure that everything is tight and in working order. Also, everything will be done by the fire marshal`s codes so you are not violating any regulations.