Fire is one of the most often type of damage your home or offices can suffer. Depending on how big the fire disaster was your property can be severely damaged or completely destroyed, but one thing is for sure there will be a lot of restoration work. This is usually because fire doesn’t only burn your house, it leaves smoke and ashes all over your property and on top of that fire department often leaves behind water from their efforts to extinguish the fire.

All these factors combined make your property very hazardous for untrained people to handle. Time and time again we see people trying to restore their homes by themselves and usually, this costs them more money than what would cost them to hire a professional restoration company. There are a number of reasons people decide to go this way, but in most cases, it is because of billing methods of restoration companies. Luckily, ABR Emergency Restoration offers direct insurance billing service, so you don’t have to be afraid of any hidden costs or direct billing to you.
We will not only make your life easier by directly billing your insurance company, but we will also return your property to pre-fire condition faster than you can imagine. Our workers are well-trained and equipped with the latest tools that help them restore even the most damaged homes. We always give our best to restore homes, rather than just replacing them.

Our key features are:
• Fast response times: We have a dedicated support team that handles all our emergency calls. They will lead you through our restoration process and in the meantime, one of our response teams will be well on their way to your location. We arrive under 30 minutes at any location in Colin County. We know how important timing is in these situations and our workers will work around the clock until everything is cleaned and restored to its previous condition.

• Specialist for fire damage: ABR Emergency Restoration specializes in all types of restoration services and this includes fire restoration. We will remove smoke, clean up the ash and restore your property to the fullest. Chances are that your walls and floors are damaged, we will take care of that too. There is no need for hiring other construction companies to handle these tasks. We have workers that handle these tasks with ease. Also, we will remove any odor that is left after the fire.

• Always try to restore: The key difference between us and other companies is our approach to the job itself. ABR Emergency Restoration always tries to restore your home or business. We know how many memories are built in these places and how long it will take to completely rebuild them. That is why we will always try to restore your property and in most cases, we will.

Fire restoration process
The restoration process itself depends on how much damage your property has suffered, but we usually complete everything in these five steps.

1. Evaluation
We start our every restoration process by assessing the damage that is done to your property. This helps us determine an estimated price of our services and what type of services you will be needing. This is pretty standard procedure for any restoration company, but what makes ABR Emergency Restoration different is that we offer detailed plan and schedule for every step of the restoration process so our clients are fully aware what is coming next and how long will it all take to finish.

2. Board-up
Fire damage often leaves houses or offices open to the elements. Regardless if your roof or walls are burnt down, we will board your whole house, so no additional damage is done to it. This will protect your property from the weather and keep pests away.

3. Water removal
As we said before fire departments leave a lot of water behind them and it is absolutely crucial to remove all of it before we start cleaning and restoring your home. ABR Emergency Restoration has special equipment and tools that help us efficiently remove any moisture from your walls, floors, furniture.

4. Smoke and odor removal
Smoke and odor are a particularly nasty side effect of the fires. Once the fire is extinguished people think that the main problem is taken care off and they are right, but the smoke and soot that are left behind can be equally hazardous as fire. It is essential to remove all of it from all surfaces before we proceed to the final restoration step. In this part of the process, we use special techniques and methods that are highly effective.

5. Restoration and cleanup
Lastly, we will clean all items that are repairable and dispose of any that are completely destroyed. We use special air scrubbers to remove any odor from affected items, so you won’t have to worry about bad smells. Once this is done, we can begin the minor restorations like painting your walls, putting a new carpet, etc. At this point, we are practically done, but we will go over everything once again just to make sure we didn’t miss any spot. Once the paint has dried and new furniture has arrived you can move back in.