ABR Emergency Restoration offers all types of restoration services, including restoration of commercial buildings. We know how much impact any type of disaster has on your business and that is why we offer emergency restoration services. Every hour and every day that passes after the disaster results in a loss for your business, but don’t worry, we will get everything to pre-disaster state so you can continue with your work.

ABR Emergency Restoration is a company itself and we are fully aware how many families depend even on the smallest businesses. When you are dealing with the aftermath of a disaster, it isn’t only your business that is suffering, but also your employees and their families. Our workers will work around the clock to restore and enable critical parts of your company, so you can start working while we finish the rest.

Advanced item restoration
We know how much sensitive, important data and information all business have on their computers and cabinets. Losing all of them can be a huge loss for one company. Luckily, ABR Emergency Restoration has advanced methods and tools that will restore even the most damaged items.

Our technicians are highly experienced in this type of tasks and they will have no problems recovering data from your water soaked hard disks, wet files, etc. Of course, some items are beyond recovery and cannot be saved. For them, we offer proper disposal in accordance with regulations, so there is no chance of further contamination spreading.

Cleaning debris and removing the odor
We offer full-service restoration of any type of damage (water, fire, storm, etc.) and we have fully dedicated pages for them. If you need more information on these subjects, feel free to visit and read up on them.

After the restoration is done the only thing that is left to do is to clean your property. This includes removal of leftovers, debris, etc. and of course taking care of the bad smell that usually appears after such disasters. We will use special chemicals that are safe for the environment to get rid of any pungent smells. It is important to remove the source of the smell completely and not only to mask it. ABR Emergency Restoration will have no problem doing that, so don’t worry about it coming back in the future.